High-Definition Care

Surgical site infections


A proven approach to decrease the prevalence and costs of surgical site infections. HDC-SSI was used to great success at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics (UIHC) where SSI rates dropped 74% over a three year period. At scale that would produce over $1 million in savings for UIHC.  HDC-SSI also represents a standardized approach to avoiding pay-for-performance penalties.


Current methods of delirium screening are resource intensive, have low sensitivity in practice, and fail to drive appropriate prevention & treatment.  Additionally, failure to capture delirium in documentation results in lost reimbursement.  HDC-Delirium addresses all of these issues resulting in better outcomes, lower costs, and more appropriate reimbursement 

Blood conservation

Post-operative blood transfusions are costly, with the fully-loaded cost of a unit of blood exceeding $1000.  Additionally, transfusions have potentially life threatening complications. HDC-Blood Conservation systematically improves preoperative patient preparation to avoid the need for blood transfusion at the time of elective surgery.


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