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The High Definition Approach To Value-Based Care

​By: John W. Cromwell MD FACS FASCRS 

  • ​There is a huge gap in the capabilities of acute inpatient hospitals to systematically identify and employ best practices at the point-of-care which results in massive lost opportunities to reduce cost-of-care, decrease length-of-stay, improve patient outcomes and experience, and reduce readmissions.

  • The DASH Analytics High-Definition Care Platform (HDCP) is designed by clinicians to bring a systematic approach to best practice at the point-of-care.

  • HDCP is underpinned by a sophisticated machine learning engine and industry-leading curation of best practices.

  • Our first module on the platform is designed to markedly reduce surgical site infections (SSI), a major expense for most acute care hospitals.

  • This module, when implemented at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics (UIHC), reduced SSI in the subject population by 74%. At scale, this impact would have saved UIHC over $1 million annually solely in colon surgery and hysterectomy. By delivering only actionable decision support at the right clinical moments, we ensure maximal impact and ROI without an interruptive workflow or "alarm fatigue.”

  • DASH Analytics HDCP brings to the table a complete solution to unlock the enormous value residing in hospitals' own real-time EHR data.

To learn more about the DASH Predict platform, download our brochure.
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